Innovative Software Technologies (IST) company is founded on the 1st of November 2004, with the objective to enable students, teaching assistants and professors of the Faculty of Information Technologies (FIT) to work on software development and IT solutions, in order to apply what is studied at the faculty, through acquiring practical, engineering experience.

Since the founding, students, teaching assistants and professors, while working for IST, have developed the information system of FIT, and later, since 2010, the information system of Belgrade Metropolitan University, as well as other software tools and systems for online learning. During this period, IST developers have developed multiple versions of the information system, and now, the information system, developed in JAVA, is one of the most modern service-oriented web systems, with various functionalities, supporting all the business processes and services for users which deal with lectures, students, scientific work and human resources of the University (faculty and administrative staff).

Belgrade Metropolitan University is one of the co-founders of IST, and is implementing dual model of studies for interested students.

IST and QuantumChainSys

IST has started to work on software development for other clients who order software. A specific incentive for this business strategy was the contract with the American company QuantumChainSys, which has become a co-founder of IST, as well as an investor of the project of software development for the American market, primarily in healthcare so far. These development projects needs to be developed by mutual teams of software engineers employed by IST, as well as professors, teaching assistants and students of Belgrade Metropolitan University.

IST operates from the premises of Belgrade Metropolitan University in Niš, which allows us to work together with the members of the development team of IST.

IST will specifically work on projects which apply blockchain technology in cases when data security and access to specific computer systems is needed.

IST Business Model

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