Achievements of IST

So far, the teaching assistants and students of FIT while working for IST, have achieved the following:

  • ISUM – Information system of Belgrade Metropolitan University, which has been developed in Java, by using service-oriented architecture and by using methods of agile software development. Each year the system expands its functions by using most up-to-date software technologies. A new version of ISUM is expected to be released in the autumn of 2021.
  • mDita editor for the preparation of lectures for online studies. The editor is used by all professors and teaching assistants who use it to prepare lecture material which is published on the portal LAMS – system for online learning.
  • mDita server consisting of software components which prepare the publication of lecture material, search, archives and updates of new versions.
  • Integration of LAMS – Learning Activity Management System and ISUM, so that the faculty, as well as the students can easily access online lectures, whereas ISUM publishes the test results of students by using LAMS and publishes the points and grades of students for their pre-exam tasks, as well as exams.
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